Modern MILSIM (Military simulation) format laser tag guns can be divided into several types:

    1. Laser Tag guns made from airsoft bodies.
      The benefits of such weapons as a rule are:

      • high imitation of original combat guns;
      • they always has a place for electronics integration;
      • you can can find almost any gun (from pistols to machineguns).

      Disadvantages of such guns are:

      • the barrel of the gun not designed and suitable for setting laser tag optical tubes;
      • airsoft guns are usually not intended for renting purposes, that’s why such taggers are not so reliable as required for the rental laser tag equipment.
    2. Laser tag guns made from real deactivated gunsThe benefits of such weapons as a rule are:
      • it is not necessary to imitate original gun, because it is the original combat gun;
      • it is extremely reliable and fail-safe since it was intended for using in military operations;
      • very popular among experienced players, do to high originality.


      • deactivated guns are usually very heavy, so they are not popular for playing among children and women;
      • deactivated guns were not originally intended for electronics integration, that’s why electronics is usually installed to the butt, or to the magazine, which means that you usually can’t remove the magazine for transportation.
    3. Taggers designed specifically for laser tag.
      • usually lightweight and can be used by children;
      • very reliable, because as was originally developed for rental business;
      • easy to repair because it was originally developed under this requirement.


      • often looks like a toy a not an imitation of real gun