Laser tag machine guns
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As with assault rifles, most machine guns used in MILSIM laser tag games are either machine guns made on the basis MK-serises like М249, MK46, MK43 or soviet machine guns like RPK, PK? RPM, PKM and so on or guns based on the German G-series, such as the HK G36.

Also popular among laser tag players due to relative small size are also these hand machine guns FN «MINIMI», НК-13 and М60.

In MILSIM laser tag it game masters usually set firing rate for machine guns about 10-20% more than fot assault rifles and approximate equal to the real combat fire rate.

In addition to the rate of fire machine guns are usually set to have damage 20-30% higher than that of assault rifles. For example if you have rifle damage of 5 units, than the machine gun will be like 7 units.

In some cases, the machine-gunners get additional hitpoints for carrying “heavy tagger”. For example, if an ordinary player gets 10 hitpoints, than the gunner gets 12 hitpoints.